Cakes! Yes, like her name she is sweet, but will also deliver hard rhyming lyrics for hip hop fans all over. Her rebel style is a breath of fresh air to the music scene. Only twenty-something years young, her music is loved by her generation.  Her theme is to enjoy life through her party anthems and pop hits. Cakes is relatable to people of all ages and race, specifically the ladies with her introspective records that reveal an in depth perspective on how she dealt with growing up as a woman in a man’s world.  

Starting out rapping at the age of nine with her oldest brother, known as C4 Status, she embraced different styles of rap & was educated on the history of hip hop and those legendary before her. Recording and collaborating with artists around her city, she later began to advance as a known femcee in her hometown. Performing at countless shows, hosting the biggest parties, doing radio and magazine interviews & building her brand, she released her debut mix-tape titled “The Sweetest Thang” in 2011 which gained her plenty of notoriety in the region. 

Once aboard, she began appearing on songs with major artists such as Diamond (Of Crime Mob), Verse Simmonds, K-Young, & J-Bo (of the YoungBloodz). Her song “Make It Hurricane” ft. Diamond & D.P. Da Prophet circulated worldwide landing spots on hundreds of mixtapes. Not only has she excelled in music, but she is starting to plant her foot in the doorway of the photography & fashion world. In 2013, she was featured in the  video “Taking Shot After Shot” seen on MTV, VH1, VEVO and regional TV. Cakes has also been featured on countless blogs such as and In 2015, Cakes teamed up with Give Me Gawdy, an entertainment management company, where she gained further exposure in the art industry including photography, modeling, entrepreneurship, and multiple genres of music. 
 Be sure to check out Cakes latest EP, titled Gold Decisions which is out on all major streaming platforms. With a smile so beautiful and a personality that glows,  it will be her mesmeric flow that wins over music lovers across the globe.